bEauTiEs oF tHe niGHt // rat rights release // bsmnt Leipzig from rat rights on Vimeo.

(C) ratrights

The artist band BeAutIes oF the NIghT always strives for an intense and noisy live embrace of the audience, but cares more about the outfit, than song structures, songwriting, rehearsals or until recently: releases. Since the existence of the video portal youTube (since 2005), several, mostly visually edited concert recordings of the band can be found on it. "Youtube Classics Vol. 1" combines for the first time a selection of those on an audio cassette. The range of videos, film and TV clips, music videos, advertisements, entertainment and technically immature, propaganda and bizarre, which can be seen on the portal, correlates with the formation's aesthetic and qualitative fluctuating performances. The ten songs selected by the band from the disorderly context "Internet" now find a conceptual framework in the nostalgically charged, yet highly popular media format "Tape", which can also give information about the musical development of the band. The cover of the cassette comes from the English artist Merlin Carpenter and was printed on a Risograph, as usual with releases of the label Rat Rights. "Youtube Classics Vol. 1" is released in a limited edition of 70.